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Accounting Support When You Need It

Are you thinking about outsourcing your internal accounting to save on costs? Or would some support on specific accounting and tax issues be enough to help you ensure your internal accounting department can function at optimal levels? The team at Carolina Accounting & Tax Services can help your internal accounting team immensely. How can you benefit from support from our experienced accounting team?

The Carolina Accounting & Tax Services team of skilled professionals includes professional accountants with local and foreign designations and a wealth of knowledge in U.S. tax preparation. We are professional accountants who can advise on financial planning, budgeting, and other areas that make a substantial difference to foreign and U.S businesses.

Accounting areas we support include:

  • Support for QuickBooks
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Setting up accounting systems
  • Pre-audits prior to external audits
  • Invoicing and other bookkeeping services
  • Financial advice
  • Tax planning
  • Canadian and US Tax Preparation
  • Internal Audits
  • Cross-border tax issues (US GAAP, US 1040, US 1120, and US 1065)
  • International tax services
  • Quarter end and fiscal year end
  • And more…

Accounting Services, Tax Planning, and Tax Preparation Services

Some of our clients use us for internal accounting support and others outsource all accounting services to us as well as rely on our tax planning. Durham- Raleigh based customers have been relying on us for a variety of services for over two decades.

Talk to us today about your needs. Whether you need accounting support on occasion or on a scheduled basis, Carolina Accounting & Tax Services has a wealth of knowledge across every facet of accounting for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses, corporations, non-profit organizations, and extensive experience with cross-border tax issues.


Taxation Assistance

Do you need help with individual and business taxation advice or filing? At Carolina Accounting & Tax Services, our Durham professional accountant team can help with a variety of advisory services related to standard and complex tax issues. As Durham professional accountants, we have a solid grasp of taxation issues in North Carolina, in US as a whole, and in the other international jurisdictions like Canada. We advise on Canadian and U.S tax preparation for individuals as well as businesses and non-profit organizations. In addition to tax, we are well-versed in providing advisory services on investing, foreign income, and other matters that could impact how much tax you must pay.

Information for Residents, Visitors, Expatriates, and Snowbirds

Whether you need tax advice, help filing taxes for one or more years, or information to help you with tax planning, we can help. Staying abreast of the evolving taxation laws in Canada and the USA is our job.

We are extremely well-versed in cross-border tax issues and provide international tax services. We have a solid grasp of US GAAP, can help with filing US 1040 forms, and are specialized in helping answer your questions about expatriate tax. Canada-based and U.S based individual and business customers have relied on Carolina Accounting & Tax Services for over 2 decades.

Benefit from 20+ Years of Tax Experience

We have a team with a variety of credentials, including: CPA, CGA, and CA. We believe in integrity, excellent customer service, and we have a positive track record with many repeat clients and referrals. Talk to us about your individual taxation questions and we would be happy to provide you with advice.


Cross-Border Tax Issues

Are you in need of a cross-border tax specialist? Many companies and individuals get nervous about issues involving the IRS due to lack of knowledge about cross border tax issues. Carolina Accounting & Tax Services is a professional accounting services company who is specialized in a number of areas including cross-border tax and tax planning. As a professional accounting and tax consulting firm, we have a proven track record of success with taxation and accounting areas for companies and individuals. Whether you are an individual in need of help with expatriate tax issues or are a company who needs to pay across the border or report income in another country, we can help you. Our team’s credentials are local based as well international.

Helping Individuals with Cross-Border Tax Issues

We can help residents and property owners understand tax implications and plan accordingly. Whether you are a snowbird, are working abroad, or have foreign investments, talk to us about international tax services and tax planning. Canadian companies and individuals have been relying on our expertise for over 2 decades.

Helping Companies with Cross-Border Tax Issues

Carolina Accounting & Tax Services offers extensive help with a variety of corporate tax issues that relate to the USA and other countries. We assist corporate, LLC, partnerships, and sole proprietorships with areas including but not limited to US GAAP, US 1040 (individual), US 1120 (corporate tax), and US 1065 (partnership) areas. We can help you minimize tax liabilities and provide sage advice that can help you ensure you are compliant. We are also well known as bookkeeping and tax preparation services professionals.


Payroll Services

Does your company require payroll services? Contact us at Carolina Accounting & Tax Services for payroll services and more. As a skilled Durham bookkeeping services provider who also specializes in U.S and International tax preparation, we are well-equipped to manage your payroll for you. We can take this task off your hands and ensure it happens on schedule and with absolute professionalism and diligence.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll

Outsourcing your payroll services to the professional Durham professional accountants at Carolina Accounting & Tax Services saves you the expense of having to hire an in-house payroll staff member. By outsourcing your payroll services to us, you can rest assured that we will handle it on-time and with meticulous record keeping. Our skilled payroll services team leverages a solid grasp of payroll best practices to keep your payroll running smoothly.

Tax Consulting

Firms like yours may need extra help at tax time. We can help you at tax time and with a myriad of other accounting support services, including: tax planning, tax preparation, reporting, business planning, budgeting, and other financial advice areas, such as US GAAP areas and other international tax issues for companies with cross-border tax issues or international contractors and employees.